Thursday, October 23, 2008

How to Show some Selected gigapan panoramas on a Page

Have ever decided to select some of your gigapan panoramas to show them on a separate page on gigapan? You may have many reasons for doing this, for example, you don’t like others to load your huge profile page ,which contains your gigapan panorama + snapshots + bookmarks, for viewing just some panoramas. In a huge profile, like mine, it is not good to do this. You can easily select some of you gigapan panoramas to show them in a separate page, just follow these steps:

  1. Find the id of you gigapan panoramas you want to select: Go to photos page, and write down the id of your gigapan panorama from address bar of your browser as shown below:
  2. Now, type in your browser address bar, then add the ids to the end of the text separated by commas.

Here are some of my favorite gigapan panoramas selected to be shown on a page:,6713,7017,7346,8042,9010


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