Sunday, November 16, 2008

GigaPan Imager Robot Review

Here is the link:

The Gigapan panorama photography robot review by

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

a Video about GigaPan

This is a video about Gigapan uploaded by Carnegie Mellon on YouTube. In the video, Illah Nourbakhsh talks about GigaPan technology, what it is, and what the use of it is.

Video on YouTube.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

How to View a GigaPan Panorama on Google Earth

I know two ways that you can view a gigapan panorama on Google Earth:

1. On a page of

To view a gigapan panorama when you are on a page of (e.g: Most Popular Gigapans, Most Recent Gigapans, or even a user’s profile), click on the “View in Google Earth 4.2+” link that appears below the panorama and its descriptions, as shown in the photo below.

how to view a gigapan on google earth

2. When viewing a gigapan:

When you are viewing a gigapan panorama on its own page, you can easily view the gigapan on Google Earth by clicking on the “View in Google Earth 4.2+” link which is located between the snapshots bar and the Google Map box, on right side of the page.

If you see no link to view the gigapan on Google Earth, the gigapanner has not geo-located that gigapan on Google Earth.

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

How to View All GigaPan Panoramas on Google Earth

Viewing all GigaPan panoramas on Google Earth is very easy, you should just follow the following steps:

1. Go to Gigapan's home page

2. On top-right corner of the page, click on the "Most Recent" button.

3. Top of the Gigapan panoramas, find the "Browse in Google Earth" link and click on it.

4. Depending on your browser, you will get a message; the message says about the KML file you are downloading. Try to open the KML file with Google Earth; you may save the KML file on your PC/Mac and open it with Google Earth later.

Good Luck with GigaPan

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