Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Gigapan Stitcher (0.4.386x)

The new version of GigaPan Stitcher is now available for download (0.4.3865 for Macintosh, 0.4.3864 for Windows) which also includes GigaPan Uploader. The Windows version is 16.74 MB and the Macintosh version is 66.91 MB!

New Gigapan Stitcher

P.S. I hope there will be some kind of newsletter for announcing the new versions of GigaPan Stitcher and GigaPan Uploader on Even GigaPan blog has not written anything about the new versions, yet.


UPDATE on Feb. 24: So… according to what my friend, David Engle, mentioned in a comment of this post, there is a sort of newsletter called GigaPan Tech Bulletin which I guess is automatically sent to those who has bought a GigaPan Imager (New name: GigaPan EPIC). I hope there is a way to subscribe to Gigapan Tech Bulletin for public.


Texas_Photo said...


I just fowarded GigaPan Tech Notes to you, which I had received on the 17th.


Payam said...

David, thank you so much.

Jay Buckley said...

Tried the download. I can't get it to take more than 1 column of images. When I tell it to stitch, it gives me a cropped version of the first image. Help refers to a non-existent web page. will have trouble using this program!

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