Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We got here…

Illah Nourbakhsh talking about GigaPan technology This video is uploaded by CMU. In the video, professor Illah Nourbakhsh talks about Ethics in Robotics. In part of his 41-minute-long lecture, Illah talks about the reason behind the GigaPan technology. Here is what he says (29:50 – 30:30):

“We got here by asking the question: how can we foster better humanization between children and different parts of the world, how can we cause cross-cultural understanding? …”

And then, Illah continues:

“… and the answer in our minds was about the power of the image, what if you allow people to do imaging in a way that is so detailed that you fall into the image, explore it, find details that enable you to have a conversation with people around the world, because you essentially exploring a microcosm of them. It says everybody on earth becomes a Google Earth producer; they are making something that has extreme resolution and sharing with others. So, then we made the technology.”


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